Animal Man

14 May

Animal Man AKA Buddy Baker is a DC superhero who has attributes I readily identify with. The most prominent being his connection to saving animals and his vegetarianism. Both causes are things I espouse, too. So, choosing a superhero identity would be easy if I could be like Animal Man.

Unfortunately, as with every other character who is re-imagined with every new writer, poor Buddy Baker goes through way too many adverse life changes to suit me. Dying isn’t a rarity in comics because rebirth is always just around the corner. You never stay dead long when you are a comics personality/property. Buddy gets reincarnated as an Animal God, now that sounds like an improvement. But even Gods die in the Superverse and, Animal Man or Animal God, sales determine whether you will live to fight crime and evil for another day.

Herewith, a small tribute to Animal Man:

DC Direct figure

Vertigo Version

Grant Morrison's Animal Man

Last Days of . . .

With Avatars

Featuring Green Lantern

He's come undone

Where Flamingoes Fly

Figure Pose #2

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