Awesome Art Dept.: Rex, Gay Erotica Master

16 Jun

Warning: If you are freaked by guys doing it with animals–leave now!

I have loved the work of Rex since I first encountered advertisement art he’d done in the late 70’s. Rex has an unmistakable style. It is obvious by his compositions and his use of shadow and light that he studied art. Every one of his images tells a dramatic and, most times, erotically flagrant story. This is art that will automatically make you uncomfortable if you have hang-ups. Especially, if like me, you aren’t crazy about pedophilia and overt bestiality. But those issues take a back seat to the audaciously macho sexuality of Rex’s subjects. You can almost feel the heat rising off the page when you look at his work. Yes, it is that intense.

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Posted by on June 16, 2010 in Awesome Art, Gay Erotica, Men


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