Physique of The Week: Jim Yount AKA John Pruitt

16 Aug

Have you ever seen a dream walking? Well, I have . . .

As that lyric from an old song states I, too, have seen a dream walking and that dream went by the name of Colt Studios model, John Pruitt.

Has there ever been a more beautiful man presented for the edification and admiration of gay viewers? I believe not. In the early 80s Colt Studios had managed to find some of the hottest guys available to grace the pages of their publications and porn films. But John Pruitt was the most incredible one of them all. He was, at least to my aesthetic, the zenith of masculine pulchritude. Where other guys were just sturdy little boats worthy of a sailing, Pruitt was the ocean liner Ile de France worthy of a luxurious cruise.

Perhaps it was stroke of divine fortune that this gorgeous being appeared just before the advent of AIDS into the gay zeitgeist. He represents a last hurrah of well-met fantasies in a time where any supposed sexual limits were to be cast asunder. Looking at Pruitt and realizing he is posing as a man for men to admire is akin to recognizing that the Greco-Roman statues of athletes were made purely for the exaltation of male beauty. There is nothing feminine about Pruitt. He broadcasts to the world that men’s men are gay, too. That perfect studs can be queer. (I have no idea if Jim Yount was gay, but he most surely knew that when he was posing for photographer Jim French he was posing for an audience made up of gay men. And I’ll bet you he got off on that knowledge.)

Whenever I admire this man’s form I am reminded of the extravagant males created by Patrick Fillion. But the “Men of Fillion” are only 2D fantasies, John Pruitt was the real deal. This captivating figure actually walked, talked, breathed, and cum on the same plane of existence as I occupy. And yet he was and forever is as captured by these photographs: a remarkable male fantasy.

Remember, too, that this man was so beautifully composed and confirmed in a time when men were not the sex objects they are today. Few men if any had such amazing abdominal muscles in 1980. Such development was only de rigueur in bodybuilding circles. Pruitt’s midsection was a revelation to most gay guys taking in his splendor. Sure there were other muscular beauties gracing physique publications, but few of them really can stand up in comparison to this physique.

The added attraction, of course, is that, unlike professional bodybuilders, Pruitt willingly posed completely naked and such handsomely endowed men rarely if ever did that at the time. He was a real exception. I think Colt Studios had won the male model lottery when they hired this guy. Jim French never had a better model, either.

It was only a few tumultuous years after Pruitt first appeared naked that Rock Hudson was bared in a very different way. Think of how many straights were shocked to find that the emblem of movie masculinity was succumbing to the “Gay Horror”. Think, also, of how Mr. Hudson had spent his life creating a lie to sell to those people. Meanwhile, here was another actor on a different stage performing for a very different audience with full exposure. Rock Hudson’s greatest fear had been realized when he was exposed as a homosexual. A sorry fate for a man forced to perform for a bigoted culture. Outside of gay circles Pruitt was never as famous or revered as Hudson. He didn’t set up a high tower from which to fall. Instead he put his major asset on view for all to see when few profoundly beautiful men dared to do such a thing. I pity Rock Hudson. I admire Jim Yount AKA John Pruitt.

With sincere thanks to CraigH for reminding me of the glory of John Pruitt and to HeroesNHunks for featuring him in an appreciation piece.


3 responses to “Physique of The Week: Jim Yount AKA John Pruitt

  1. bigmike25

    August 16, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    Wow, I remember him, and you’re right, he was like a god amongst men. There’s one of him shooting an arrow (with his cock making an obvious parallel course) that was iconic. Cupid indeed. Love that swimming pool image too.

    Jim French was always trying to make his men into marble statues, the “Greek ideal”, and I think he found his perfect subject in John Pruitt who always appears somewhat cold, distant and unapproachable.


    • centaureg

      August 16, 2010 at 7:21 PM

      Jim French frequented the same West Hollywood clubs I did when I first stepped into the gay pond back in the mid-seventies. I talked to him on several occasions. He told me that most of his models would have killed to have my legs. (I’ve always had pretty outstanding calve development.) That they had great torsos and little chicken legs. I was the opposite; an okay torso but great gams.

      French was an interesting guy, but certainly not my type and back then I was more intent on getting laid then getting acquainted. He told me all about his lousy relationship with his mother who turned out to be the British actress, Hermione Gingold. Apparently, she couldn’t accept him for being gay and here I thought the woman was a major “fag hag”. Life is interesting. Had I been much less callow and sex-obsessed I’d have known to bend French’s ear about his models and especially, John Pruitt. Well . . hindsight is always 20-20.


  2. Pr. Karus

    December 7, 2010 at 7:47 AM

    Phew. I need a bit of a cool down now. Haha. You’re right, he’s gorgeous.



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