Superhero Animated: The Return of ThunderCats

30 Jul

Cartoon Network is about to unleash a new version of the 80’s animated chestnut, “ThunderCats”. Its anime styled and has a deeper reliance on serial story telling rather than stand alone episodes. The characters also seem more fully realized than they were in the past. Times have changed and so have the ThunderCats. Let’s hope the improvements are all for the better.

You can really see how dramatically Japanese anime has influenced the entire industry by the look and feel of this trailer. The appearance of this “ThunderCats” is of a far grander scale than the 80’s cartoon series. In the past, animated series failed to achieve the same scope as cinema. Now, digital techniques have enabled made-for-television animation to have a more epic quality. I am pleased the producers felt that maintaining the animated look of the best Japanese series was important. I dread to think how this series might have looked had it been done in the style of cheap Pixar knock-offs.

As expected with these shows, the real money is to be made in sales of action figures and other toys. Basically, “ThunderCats” is less an entertainment vehicle than a sales promotion one. If the series proves successful expect the market to be saturated with related products.

Here is the soon to be released figure of the new Lion-O character:

And also coming soon is this newly produced version of the Classic Lion-O:

ThunderCats Ho!

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Posted by on July 30, 2011 in Cartoon Masculinity, Superheroes


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