What We’re Up Against Dept.: Tighten The Budget and Ignore The Real Dangers

22 Apr

It will certainly be a major injustice if the Adairs, the owners of West Fertilizer, do not spend the rest of their lives in prison, at the least. But the plant’s owners will only be the visibly responsible figures in this tragedy. There were a lot of other less visible contributors. Not the least of these would be Texas state government and the Federal agencies mandated to oversee these dangerous plants.

It is easy to see why terrorists have successfully used bombs made from fertilizer containing the highly volatile substances anhydrous ammonia and ammonium nitrate. The stuff is easy to make and the bombs produced from it are relatively easy to carry. Just load up a van, park it and use a remote detonator. Viola! Instant mayhem.

But take a look at the picture below and weep. In Texas it is fine to place your nearest and dearest right up close to a fertilizer plant and think nothing of it. Obviously, in this case the authorities never gave the fact that schools were mere feet from the plant a second thought. This is the very definition of the term unconscionable.

West, Texas aerial map

Texans have petitioned the White House to secede from the Nation. By all means, let’s make it so.

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