Superhero Movied: Man of Steel Review

17 Jun

man of steel: henry cavill as superman 1

I went to Superman’s resurrection this afternoon. Remember how much people complained about Superman being passe, a hero unfit for these darker and grittier times? Well, the guy isn’t “a big blue boy scout” anymore.In fact, if you always admired how Supes went out of his way to be altruistic and like Jesus in a red cape and blue tights you may very well be disappointed with his reincarnation. The new Superman is a character straight out of violent video games and only partially related to the guy in golden and silver age comic books. He gets his way no matter the cost. The last 45 minutes or so of Man of Steel might just as well be called Man of Death and Destruction. The following article from BuzzFeed details just how vast the carnage and waste is:

The Insane Destruction That The Final “Man Of Steel” Battle Would Do To NYC, By The Numbers.

All this aside, for all its flaws Man of Steel is as visually stunning a superhero movie as anyone could hope for. The production design is close to brilliant. But, without a doubt, the most visually amazing piece of work in this movie is Superman himself. Physically, there has never been a more ideal actor cast for the role than Henry Cavill. The physique he worked so hard to create is so commanding it is hard not to get lost in its appeal. This Superman is not a digital construct but the real deal and it shows constantly. I might have believed Christopher Reeve could fly back in the day, but with Cavill I believe Superman lives and breathes. As one character opines, “He’s hot.” Not an understatement at all.

There are literally hundreds of reviews of this movie online. Everyone seems to have some problem with the movie and I believe that is true because of two different reasons: 1) the anticipation for the film was off the charts so expectations were impossible to meet and 2) this character desperately needed to be re-imagined which in itself is a very thankless task. If you come to this film with so many preconceived notions of how it ought to be you will leave very disappointed. For me it ran a bit too long and had too much gratuitous building bashing but overall I actually enjoyed it. Not on the level of something like the first Iron Man movie or any chapter of the Lord of The Rings saga but, once I put aside the humongous expectations, I was able to appreciate that what was on screen in 2D was a powerhouse superhero movie that works for the most part.

However, if Henry Cavill weren’t so highly visible I might very well tell you to skip it. He’s the one part of the movie where my wildest expectations were readily met. A star is born!

Man of Steel: Henry Cavill as Superman 2n-HD



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