What We’re Up Against Dept.: Something Is Oh So Rotten In Sochi

13 Aug


By now you have heard of the new and insanely draconian Russian anti-“gay propaganda” law. There is justifiably much ado about something so excessively regressive toward human rights that sane people everywhere are insulted by the very idea of this legislation. As far as gay rights are concerned in places like Russia, Poland, Jamaica, Uganda and Iran, “Nazi-Think” is alive and well: Pick a scapegoat and make them responsible for how poorly your culture functions. Needless to say, religious orthodoxy is solidly in line with these egregiously bigoted circumstances. The Church is joined at the evil hip to autocratic governance and any sensible or reasonable behavior exhibited towards gays is thwarted with officially sanctioned bigotry begetting violence and danger for citizens who even do so much as wear a rainbow-styled anything. Just explaining this makes it sound completely bat shit crazy because, sadly, it is.

In perhaps the most outrageous timing possible, Russia is set to host the Winter Olympics early next year in the southern resort city of Sochi. The country has a huge stake riding on this display of modernity and cannot afford to fuck the presentation up. Many in the gay community believe the Olympics should be either boycotted or moved to a less hostile location in a country that honors human rights as if they are actually modern and not merely pretending to be so (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). Unfortunately, the powers that be, including President BO, are less inclined to see reason and sense in punishing Russia for acting like the dictator-lead autocracy it most surely is. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that gay athletes should just accept that they are nothing more than worthless pawns in the culture of world-wide sporting events and follow blindly and mutely the rule of Russian law that would arrest them for even the mildest display of gay pride, let alone any substantial activism. Yet again we deal with public ostracism and have no recourse. Damned if we do or don’t.

Personally, I believe this flagrantly destructive behavior on the part of Russia has to be highlighted broadly for what it is not just to the rest of the world, but to the ignorant Russians themselves. Russia needs to face incredible and intense embarrassment for what it is doing to its citizens. Gays capable of speaking out need to do so in whatever ways we can. We have always been very good at achieving our ends by showing how foolish and stupid our opponents (enemies in this case!) are. We need to conspire in creating some way of making Vladimir Putin and his sick cronies into the laughing-stock they so richly deserve to be. Since, in all likelihood, we cannot effectively fight back through the activism of participants in the games themselves, lest those individuals face incarceration and heinous punishment meted out by the cowardly IOC, then we need to find a way of disrupting through comedy the overblown seriousness of the Russian Winter Games. There is probably nothing worse than a Russian winter. Let’s make it plain to everyone watching these games that Russia has chosen not to step forward into a truly brave and inclusive new world. Mother Russian is in the same sad and sorry state she has been for more than a century and continues to deserve to be excluded from the community of civilized nations.

Or in plainer and harsher language: FUCK RUSSIA! FUCK PUTIN! FUCK THE DUMA!

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