Political Hijinks Dept.: Syrian Delirium

04 Sep

Rob Rogers 8-3-13.gif

Cartoon by Rob Rogers

So Obama won’t go forward with an attack against Bashar al-Assad without first clearing it with his friends in Congress. Friends in Congress? Since when? Since the war drums started beating. When was the last time  Congress refused to fund preliminary attacks and war? Was it in my lifetime?

Granted, killing your citizens with a chemical agent as horrible as sarin deserves some response from the world community. Not just US going it alone again. But since we have a reputation on the line–the red line– we’ll push our pieces into the Middle East and pretend we can end this very convoluted affair in a miraculously short period of time.

Every new president gets to be the “War President”. Even one whose political fame rested on the claim that he voted against going war back in 2007. Pathetic.


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