What We’re Up Against Dept.: Let The Real Education Begin

21 Sep

Rat Park

The more we examine cannabis the more we learn of the government’s insane exercise in the prohibition of a relatively benign substance and how crippled our society has been from it. But the lies and concerted brainwashing are used against an entire group of psychoactive substances while promoting far more dangerous and wrongly legal chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Cigarettes and alcohol are legal while weed is outlawed? There is far more to this picture than readily visible from first look.

It is time to become reeducated. You owe it to yourself to understand how frequently what the government sanctions doesn’t serve you. It is in the power and financial interests of many different entities (corporations, government bodies, etc.) to do continued harm against the people. The reason we have “1% Overlords” is because most of us refuse to buck the most obvious paradigm: the work-produce-consume rat race promoted by those who have the most to gain while causing us worker drones the most damage. Time to wake up, choose the red pill that explodes this “reality”, break the spell the evil sorcerers cast before you were born.

What good is it to question authority if you don’t learn about the systems in place to enable that authority’s existence and how to override them? With this comic by Stuart McMillen you can see how close we are to being powerless rats and how we can at last attain the power that will make us all truly “free”.

Knowledge is the key.

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