Legendary Dept.: Capt. William D. Swenson, A Real American Hero

15 Oct

Captain William D. Swenson, A real American hero

Today, after an unnecessary delay of over four long years, Army Captain William D. Swenson has finally received the Medal of Honor he so rightfully deserves.

The Army would like to pin on a gold ribbon on this occasion, but in reality, the actions of Capt. Swenson’s commanding officers leave little doubt of how egregiously he was violated as a brave soldier willing to be totally honest and forthright about the events surrounding the situation that lead to his being awarded the highest military honor our country bestows. Captain Swenson was punished for his honesty and small-minded self-protecting superiors worked to keep this award from him. He has chosen to accept this award so that the truth about how he was treated will become public.

Please read this article:

As hero finally gets Medal of Honor, some question the delay – Yahoo News.

I have never supported this country’s overseas war actions, but I do support those men and women who have work hard and personally sacrificed a great deal to serve this country. In every sense of the  word, Capt. Swenson is undeniably a true American hero. There are far too few of these individuals and we need to give them all the support we can. Capt. Swenson’s story is a bitter pill to swallow. What does it say about the brass that they act in such a callous manner against their own? How does such behavior work against the morale and the safety of our soldiers? I hope at least a few of the people responsible for this ugly behavior are shown the errors of their ways.

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