God Bless America Dept.: Lock-Step Media Mentality

10 Nov

At the risk of sounding like an incredible Luddite: let it be known that I don’t do social media. That’s right, no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, none. About 2 of all my friends do social media. I have no need. Hopefully, I will never have a need.

To me my blogs are social media. As is my email account and my “for emergencies only” cell phone account and my regular landline. I am not a hermit. I just appreciate live conversation with human beings I can see the faces, eyes and hand gestures of as my “social media”.

So many people are wedded to their mobile technologies now it is a wonder they can function at all without them. Soon there will be a “wipe my ass for me” app available I’m sure.

I am all for forward movement in technologies and enjoying the use of such things. After all, I have a digital SLR camera and use the computer for my photography on just about a daily basis. I love the new ways of streaming movies and music, too. I store information on the cloud. I have nothing against people enjoying using their iPads and Kindles. I only ask that people respect my right to not join them in the great time usurpation project.

Which brings me to the folks at Google. I am a subscriber to You Tube. I also have a G Mail account. But I have no idea when I sold my soul to Google+, Google’s incredibly lame attempt at social media. Suddenly, Google has commandeered everything that is even mildly connected to it. I get messages that friends who I know would no more do Google+ than birth bowling balls want me to add them to my social circle on this incredible service. I have no social circles, thank you.

This video sums up what I think Google should do with Google+ far more politely than I would:

In other words: Go away Google+, ya bother me!

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