God Bless America Dept.: The Mighty Fucks

23 Dec

Vlad and Phil: A Match Made In Bigot Heaven by Mike Luckovich

Cartoon by Mike Luckovich


By now you are, no doubt, sick of the media frenzy around the bigoted and just plain stupid remarks of Phil Robertson, head honcho of the A and E “reality” (incredibly loose term in this case) show, “Duck Dynasty”.

There seems to be a never-ending supply of these kind of “Christian” (another really loose term) assholes who have nothing constructive to say, but loads of verbal diarrhea to deliver about how all gays are little more than rutting beasts who deserve to be put down and how much happier black people were before they gained any civil rights. The realization of how destructively backward some southerners are and how much they resemble their Russian bigot cousins never fails to amaze me.

In my book, this self-promoting phony can wash Jesus’s feet with his tongue until hell freezes over and never become a truly enlightened individual. But why do I need to continue spewing venom when Dusty (in the following video) says it all so much better?

I hope the entire Robertson clan continues hoodwinking the gullible rubes who are their most devoted fans. With supporters like Sarah Palin they are ensured a long run duping the “dummied-down” masses. Once they’ve amassed enough ill-gotten gain they can retire in the true nouveau riche lifestyle they actually aspire towards.

Remember folks the ‘E’ in A and E stands for Entertainment and that’s what these manufactured redneck frauds were created to do. It is time for Phil Robertson to remember that he’s just another performer in the endless gravy train of boob tube broadcasts. His bully pulpit is as fake as he is.Phil and Sarah: Putrid Peas In A Pod

Cartoon by Adam Zybus

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