Man Candy Dept.: Now That Full Beards Are En Vogue Again

17 Feb

It would be great if tastes have altered enough for an appreciation of hair to come to the gay community. I, for one, would gladly see the death of the S and S (Shaved and Smooth) Movement. Rejecting our roots as animals and pretending we are hairless is a futile and ugly gesture. Granted, some men don’t have much hair on their bodies beyond the hair on their heads and at their pubic regions. That’s unfortunate. But, for those gifted with a more hirsute body, why is it necessary to pretend that only beasts have fur when our bodies reflect a different reality? 

It is time to put an end to shame-based disapproval of what we really are as men–erect apes. Our ancestors were hairy because, among other purposes, hair aided them to survive in the wilderness and predators hated how our smelly haired bodies tasted. Modern society wears clothing and disregards hair’s important functions. But growing it out is not only freeing but fun, too. Let’s get back to being the furry beasts we are meant to be for the most part. The smelly part has rightfully disappeared. Besides, many men are incredibly sexy with fur on the face, chests, treasure trails and forearms. Who isn’t all for that?

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Posted by on February 17, 2014 in Eye Candy, Men


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