2 True Dept.: You Peaked Way Too Early

19 Feb

This is a funny video showing up the flaws in High School popularity. I’d love to say I felt some empathy with those former golden girls and boys who tried and failed to make my high school years hellish. One particular specimen, a stuck-on-herself cheerleader, I wished a life of too many unwanted children, getting fat and constantly mourning her glory days. I have no idea what became of her. Nor do I care. I’ve never attended a class reunion in my life. Simply because my High School years are best forgotten.

So here’s to all you BMOCs and BWOCs, enjoy your wonderfulness while you occupy that microcosm of HS teen life. You will soon have peaked too early. Tough luck. Life doesn’t begin at forty or fifty for you. It just gets progressively worse. Unless, of course, you have the good sense to start acting like a real human instead of a
demigod who needn’t ever be concerned with your supposed lessers.

Just think how y’all would have treated Bill Gates. And how rapidly he’d have left you behind.

Happy reality, chumps!

And here’s a little reminder for you hangers-on, the people who get caught up in the sway of the superficial attributes the most popular promote, thinking they have the secret to life in their sparkling clutches:

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