Political Hijinks Dept.: The Pillars of American Society Are Under Attack!**

25 Feb

Arizona anti-gay cartoonCartoon by Fitzsimmons

“Run fast!”, Cried Chicken Little. “The Pillars of American Society are under attack. We are all doomed. Curse you, evil gays!”

To see what I am going on about in this post go here.

“And just because we are passing discriminatory laws under the guise of “religious freedom” doesn’t mean we intend to be discriminatory.”

This State Senator from Arizona could teach “How To Speak Out Of More Then One Orifice Simultaneously 101”.

So, let me get this straight (no pun intended), if my religion declares sincerely that Republicans are the ‘Minions of Satan’ and I cannot cater to them on any level, I have the right to refuse them my services or products. Discriminating against them is my sincere right under this new “insuring religious freedom” legislation.

“Pardon me, there are a ton of people outside my business now who seem to have inflicted vicious injuries upon themselves. None can walk! There appear to be bullet wounds to their feet.
Someone just told me they are all Arizonan legislators.”

I am beginning to think there may be some truth to the wild claim that prominent politicians and business leaders are actually shape-shifting aliens. It seems the current failures we have “leading” us have no real grasp of the social contracts of real human society and are completely unfamiliar with something they severely lack–common sense.

Arizona anti-gay cartoon 2**Update: Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, decided the future of her political career and a potential major hit to the pocketbook of her state were way more important than approving the anti-gay “religious freedom equals state-sanctioned discrimination” bill. Read about it here.


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