God Bless America Dept.: There’s A Reason Cad Is At The Beginning

03 Mar

Here’s a fantasy clip from General Motors Cadillac brand. Since the ad is aimed at One Percenters it very effectively sucks the cock of their twisted philosophies about living for power, status, position, self-interest, gain and addictive acquisition.

No need for a news alert to the insensitive shits at this corporation. They aren’t speaking to the masses who will never get the real chance to rise above. This ad is for the haves. A lot of the rest of us can go on working 3 jobs and being told we don’t work hard enough. That we are parasites.

The rich get richer and the poor get children, as the song goes. America has changed for the worse since 1980 and we can thank things like “trickle down economics” and sending work overseas. It used to be the powers that be were more subtle about the disparity. Now they shove it in our faces with glee and tell us being acquisitive assholes is the finest of aspirations. Stuff your fucking stuff and that starts with Cadillacs.

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