Political Hijinks Dept.: Vlad Finds His True Calling

08 Mar

ukraine and the gop

Cartoon by Lowe

“Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is reported to have become “really annoyed” about Russian President Vladimir Putin and has questioned whether he “was still in touch with reality.” The German mass circulation Bild newspaper wrote on Monday that during a telephone conversation she held with US President Barack Obama to discuss the growing crisis in Ukraine she complained that Mr. Putin was “living in another world.”’

Putin is obviously a seriously fucked-up dictator with a world-class case of testosterone poisoning. And that is just what the fine folks at Fux News have latched onto to discredit Obama and praise the Russian Monster. Elsewhere, It appears former New York Mayor and all-around self-promoting fool, Rudy Giuliani, believes ‘Vladputin’ is the kind of single-minded, take charge leader we need to replace that indecisive weakling ‘Emperor Obama’. Sarah Palin, the Queen of foot-in-the-mouth disease, thinks that praising Putin for his rigged propaganda of bear wrestling and tiger shooting are just the traits we need for our leader. And she should know after shooting wolves from planes. Let’s see the Witch From Wasilla wrestle her own bears.

So, here is something that all these pundits and former pols absolutely need to enhance their dictator hero worship–if they can find room for it next to their heads:

Putin Your Butt

It’s the “Putin Your Butt” Plug designed by Fernando Sosa. Now brainless fools can get very much closer to the intimate contact they desire with their favorite ex-KGB agent. Shove it on up their, folks! Life just got a whole lot better for you. From now on you won’t need any excuses for the preponderance of shit blowing out of your pie holes and Vladputin will continue to tickle your fancies for years to come.

putin fire to ukraineCartoon by Daryl Cagle

What’s next? Right-wingers longing for the good old days of Hitler?


With thanks to Huffington Post and The Daily Show.



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