Sacrilege Sunday: You Go Fred Phelps!

16 Mar

Fun With Fred

To hell that is and preferably fast.

It appears the founder of the vile Westboro Baptist Church has been booted out of his leadership position, gone on a hunger strike and is now in a care facility. I don’t make it a point to revel in the bad times of most anybody but, in Phelps case, I will make a well-deserved exception.

When you think of all the grief this fool has inflicted on others that he be in this situation seems like just desserts to me. There has been speculation that the man is a major closet case. That would explain way too much as people who are self-loathing usually like to share the pain of their mental illness. Phelps may very well have created an entire church full of gullible dunces willing to share his sick.

So here’s to Fred Phelps making a rapid departure from Earth Plane and ASAP. This is one person who really won’t be missed.

Phelps Signs, Inc.


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