Oh Happy Day!: A Gift For Spring

20 Mar

Fred 'Walking Dead' Phelps

Update: The doctored image above reminded me strongly of another image. Here it is:


This is Lon Chaney, the great silent film actor, in one of his most famous roles as “The Phantom of The Opera” (1925). Amazing make-up that makes him look like he could be Fred “Walking Dead” Phelps’ progenitor. Chaney was known as “The Man of A Thousand Faces”. I suppose one of them had to be a doppelgänger for Fred Phelps. Frightening resemblance, eh?

The entire gay community and beyond has been given a wonderful gift for the first day of Spring. Yes, faster than a speeding bullshit and more powerfully than a loco weed, Fred Phelps has been called home by his God of Hate and Terror. I am sure he’s been issued his own set of horns, hoofs, leathery wings and a spiked tail by now. Phelps was a demented demon during his life so it figures he’d get all the demonic attributes now that he’s at home in hell. So Long, Fred, not glad to have known ya!

Christ To Fred Phelps

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