What If? Dept.: Casting The Purple Glow

19 Apr

G W Bush, war criminal by scott scheidly

The paintings of Scott Scheidly give new meaning to the term “drag”. What if these villains had actually been openly gay? Who knows how history would’ve turned out then. A society that accepts people for who they are might produce more heroes than insane monsters like these. What might have happened if Hitler’s artistic talent was encouraged? We’ll never know because we live in a world where acceptance and tolerance of diversity are denied while greed and war-mongering are encouraged. These paintings do more than just ridicule the evil and powerful men of the world. They frame them for who they might have been and how they might have acted if their souls were allowed to be open and fully realized. Yes, we can laugh at how ridiculous they look, but the joke isn’t just on them. It is also on the sick society that produced them and continues to embrace their corrupted philosophies.

See more of Mr. Scheidly’s outrageous portraiture at ArtFucksMe.

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Posted by on April 19, 2014 in Gay Humor, What If?


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