Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Earth Day


Of course, this poor frog has a death grip on the Earth. His kind being “indicator species” are being wiped out by deforestation, pollution and the ever-encroaching virus known as mankind. They are announcing the coming horror to us loud and clear.

Back in 1970 when the first Earth Day was created I was a senior in High School and there was great hope that we would get our act together and start healing this planet we were so busy abusing. Even with the best intentions it appears we’ve found a surefire way of going to hell fast. We’ve convinced ourselves that the planet was made for our uses alone, let the other creatures be damned! After all, we’re the smart and capable ones. Humans are the superior life form here, right? Yet, all we’ve managed to produce for all our supposed brilliance are more ways of doing damage through technology and industry. We’ve soiled our nests far worse than birds or cockroaches or any critter we feel dominion over.

Our leaders are so intent on turning bucks that any threat to the flow into their bank accounts is worth working against. Even when it might help ensure that we have somewhere to live a worthwhile existence a century from now. The financial powers that be are among the lowest life forms on the planet. They are selfish, power mad and able to purchase not just politicians but Supreme Court Justices, too. Raping the planet is their prime agenda. There is no recourse short of a revolution and with an apathetic society more interested in electronic toys and junk food and the next bit of excitement there are too few of us dedicated to the task at hand: Heal Earth Now or have no home in space. It isn’t the planet that will cease being. Gaea will decide she’s had enough of the nasty infestation and bye-bye humanity. It isn’t like many of us don’t deserve this fate. I only hope to be gone before the cataclysm begins.

Perhaps, some great catastrophe like a meteor impact or a worldwide plague will help restore the balance someday. I fear it will have to be something huge and totally unexpected for expecting mankind to do an abrupt turn around from proceeding down the road to hell isn’t something even remotely likely now.

Happy Earth Day! Enjoy it while you can.

earth day


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