Progress Dept.: If You Can Play, You Can Play

09 May


I am always amazed to see how American representations of Catholicism can so markedly depart from that of the Vatican. Sometimes, it’s as if the Holy See has gone through a “See Change”. Here is a vivid example of how the major Catholic university in America, Notre Dame, has determined that being totally inclusive will help them win games. Despite the underlying agenda, I wholeheartedly affirm this move as the University has joined the You Can Play Project.

It is time Americans learn to accept the fact that some of the best athletes competing are not heterosexual. They are just as focused, dedicated and out to win as their heterosexual counterparts and, because of many of the prejudicial aspects of the sports community, even more likely to prove their worth. We are now on the verge of a revolution in sports in this country as everybody who loves athletics embraces the truth that a player’s sexuality doesn’t have to affect their performance negatively. With young gay athletes now able to step forward and acknowledge their true selves it can only mean positive improvements in playing on all levels.

This slogan sums it up very succinctly: “If you can play, you can play!” Congratulations Notre Dame on moving forward into accepting diversity and, rather than fearing it, welcoming the change.

Now if you can only get your religious affiliation to influence the way things stand in Rome and other less enlightened areas.



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