Superhero Movied: The Next Big Thing

19 May

Guardians fan made poster

Probably the easiest prediction of all time: This movie starts the next big film franchise.

It used to be that August was the burial ground for films studios thought would be hopeless embarrassments and box office failures. After all, August is “Vacation Month” and people have better things to do than go to crappy movies. But all that has changed since the economy collapsed back in ’08. Now millions of people can afford little more than the entertainment of an occasional movie, if that.

So, this August, expect to see the arrival of the a true Sci-Fi/Fantasy monster, Marvel’s “Guardians of The Galaxy”. At least the furry fellow in this movie isn’t gonna break into song.

Chris Pratt

If this movie hits the way I think it will, Chris Pratt, will become the Harrison Ford of his generation. Star Wars made Ford a household name and a sent him on his way to become one of the biggest box-office draws in film history. Pratt should be so lucky. Time will tell.

Speaking of Star Wars, George Lucas marketed tie-in toys to a level never before seen attached to a hit movie. “Guardians” has heroes who are so outside of the general superhero muscle-god mold that little boys (and girls, too, I suspect) will be clearing off the toy aisle shelves at the local stores. If I had investment funds I’d be putting them in Disney (and whatever company–probably Mattel–commissioned to produce the action figures) stock now.

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