Gay History Dept.: And Another One Down

20 May


This is beginning to sound like a broken record, but each skip is another gay heart beating harder and faster from happiness.

Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban has been declared unconstitutional by a US District Court judge today. This makes 19 states that have accepted marriage equality with 5 yet in the throes of realizing its legality after being dragged kicking and screaming through court. Yes, 24 States in less than a year since the Supreme Court decision that changed everything. And every day another nail is driven into the coffin of NOM.

Truly, we shall overcome. The next 26 states may be reluctant to join those who are accepting this sea change, but they will eventually realize to not accept marriage equality will be detrimental to their future economics. I expect Mississippi will drag its heels into the next century, but other bastions of bigotry will hear the loud ca-ching of cash registers sounding in smarter states and finally give in to the forces of destiny. In this country money trumps all.

No doubt, Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor will keep this event from going as smoothly as it should. Still, he’ll find he cannot thwart the forward momentum. Every other state in the Northeast has already signed on to end their silly laws. It is time for Pennsylvania to recognize its place and what century they are in.

Congratulations to all those fortunate gay folks in Pennsylvania who are now able to tie the knot!

Gay marriage in Pennsylvania by Randy Bish

Cartoon by Randy Bish.

Let’s hope anti-gay marriage discrimination in Pennsylvania is a done deal so we can all move on to other pressing issues involving bigotry.

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