Gay History meets Inanity and Insanity Dept.: When You Can’t Lick ‘Em Refuse Delivery

30 May

Harvey Milk US Postage Stamptamp


Everyday a little bit of amazing floats atop a sea of crazy.

Imagine, gay rights activist and pioneering politician Harvey Milk has his own commemorative postage stamp. Isn’t that great!?

Who would have ever believed this would happen?

Certainly not the lunatic fringe anti-gay hate group American Family Association. In fact, they are so incensed that this predator pedophile (their claim) is on a postage stamp they have told their members to get flag stamps (as opposed to “fag” stamps I suppose) when offered the offending items at the post office. And this is so “Last of The Dodo Birds” crazy it will only make you laugh: members must refuse delivery of any missive that’s sender had the unmitigated gall to post with Harvey’s smiling face adorning the envelope. As if any member of this group of sniveling jackals would respond to AFA by doing that. But anyone who would like to fuck with the tiny broken cement-mixer minds of these pathetic bigots is welcome to send Harvey along to their headquarters.

Congratulations Mr. Milk! The honor is long overdue. You’ll be pleased to know that, after all the time that has passed since you were so unceremoniously removed from this wacky world of ours, you are still managing to challenge the silly sensibilities of a select few remaining dinosaurs. Here’s to their festering in their own sick juices for as long as it takes to finally wake them up to 21st Century reality.

Start licking Harvey’s backside!


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