Awesome Dept.: Repeat Performance

07 Jun

Jim Marin tandem parachute dives into Normandy


Jim Martin, a 93-year old veteran of the Normandy Invasion–where he parachuted in before the landing of forces at Omaha Beach–has celebrated the 70th anniversary of the event with a repeat of his parachute jump.

Congratulations, Mr. Martin. I am not easily impressed. I find this jump to be the most impressive act of courage I’ve read of lately. It took guts to land in Normandy the first time. To repeat the jump 70 years later shows incredible stamina and fortitude.

Americans should all thank you and your cohorts for your efforts to end the war. So, in their stead, I will do it: THANK YOU!


Incidentally, I jumped out of a small plane back in 2007. It had nothing to do with courage though. It was a purely selfish act of amazing fun. Probably the most fun I have ever had. I highly recommend the experience.

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