Inanity and Insanity Dept.: Not Your Prison Bitch, Bub

10 Jun

Troy James Knapp AKA The Utah Mountain Man


Meet Troy James Knapp AKA “The Utah Mountain Man”. A wilderness survival freak who managed to live on the lamb by burgling cabins in Utah for a long run. He would occupy places that were dormant in the off season by living off of stored food, drinking all the alcohol available and stealing guns and ammo to boot. He was finally caught because his fingerprints were found on a whiskey bottle he carelessly discarded. Now Mr. Knapp is going to Federal Prison for a decade after a plea bargaining deal was reached.

I pity any supposedly hard-ass who will try to make this guy his prison bitch.

Take a real good look at the picture above. The woods may well be full of menaces like this guy. He looks like his middle name should be “Fuck Off!” If the crazy militias were filled with this type of alpha wannabe we would definitely be in trouble. I grudgingly respect his survival skills, if not his methods. These days, in our hyper-violent and gun crazy society, this guy passes as a real man’s man. That’s pretty damn sad when you think about it.

Enjoy your time in the Big House, Troy. You’ve earned it and more.

Read about Mr. Knapp’s trial and travails here.

Reclusive Cabin Burglar Troy Knapp


Love those purple snow shoes. Wherever did you find them, Troy?

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