What We’re Up Against Dept.: When Bigots Are Attractive

11 Jun

Scott Esk: Ignorant Oklahoman Bible Thumping Bigot-450x304


Well, lookie here. Isn’t he a cute ginger fellow? Don’t let the red-bearded smile fool you. This is Scott Esk and he is running for office in that enlightened bastion of liberalism known as known as Oklahoma.

This Bible-thumping bigot’s response to Pope Francis’s “Who am I to judge?” regarding gay people was to take to Facebook and declare that we all should be stoned to death. Don’t you love these cherry-picking Christians? Quote that idiotic tome like the brainwashed true believer you are. Just how much intellect does it take to adhere to such primitive dogma? Judging by Esk’s opinion–zip, nada, none. But it would sound good to his intolerant right-wing base or at least the one he is trying to deceive gullible others into joining.

Oklahoma deserves you, Red. After all, they have two of the most ignorant and unaware fools for senators currently serving (more like self-serving) in Washington, DC.

Know your enemy and remember their devil takes comely forms. This guy is more likely a closet case than an actual demon, but who could tell?

I hope I live to see the day when guys like him haven’t a chance of occupying office, but these days the pendulum has swung so far to the right even a stalwart conservative asshole like soon-to-be former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor can be voted out of office in a primary competition (such incredibly good news!). It is only a matter of time before that pendulum starts to veer away from right-wing extremism and that will be a wonderful thing to experience. Haven’t we all suffered enough under the current regime of wackos occupying political chairs or running to occupy them?

I would wish Scott Esk the fate of those he so easily condemns, but it is too good a fate for his ilk.


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