Superhero TVd: This Fall It’s The Flash

18 Jun

CW's The Flash

It has been way too long a time since The Flash has been anything more than an animated character, but that is about to change big time this fall as The CW gives the DC stalwart his own series. The success of “Arrow” has given producers the confidence to deliver something far better than I’d have imagined. If you are a Flash fan this trailer will please and excite you. Of all the DC characters, this is the old school superhero I have wanted to see realized the most. It happened once before briefly in the early 90s, but that series never caught on. This time there is no ruse where the character hides his identity from everyone. Granted, the actor filling the scarlet speedster’s suit looks way too young to be the Barry Allen I see in my imagination. Still, I easily recognize that his youth and “cutes” will attract the younger consumption-conscious audience that can make this show a hit.

CW's The Flash coming

If “The Flash” is as good as “Arrow” that will be a given soon enough. If this series works it will form a foundation to move the character (in a much-altered version with a different actor) onto the big screen. It would be impossible to make a Justice League movie without Flash so he’ll be onscreen in a matter of a couple of years. First, there will probably be a cameo in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”. If that movie delivers, then we’ll get the long-awaited JLA movie which will, as DC/WB prays, produce a slew of solo superhero films (Wonder Woman, The Flash, a reboot of Green Lantern, etc.). DC has been much slower and less nimble in this process than Marvel. It is definitely time they caught up. Especially, if there is a chance that the saturation of superhero films starts to turn off audiences to the genre. Fortunately, the last two Marvel movies (“Captain America 2”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past’) really raised the bar for superhero movies. This development actually bodes well for DC, as it will inspire fans to continue shelling out bucks for superhero flicks. Even for characters not associated with Marvel at all.


CW's The Flash costume



CW's The Flash on tv this fall

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