Gay Reality Dept.: Proud Whopper

05 Jul

No, “Proud Whopper” is not Proud Mary’s hung brother.

It’s Burger King’s entry into the Rainbow Rights realm. We may despise corporations for the most part these days, but we are completely behind them when they smarten up and recognize that a fountain of cash falls from the fingers of gay Americans. So, wisely, the company is now supporting those spenders.

I haven’t had a dead cow burger in almost 40 years, but I applaud this beef-promoting enterprise for the Proud Whooper Campaign. The Whopper Wrapper alone is truly inspired gay-friendly marketing with its rainbow flag background highlighting the slogan “We are all the same inside”. The campaign is not only brilliant, but funny and fun, too. Even those ever-impressionable small folk that tag after breeders can get into this food. (Though I doubt parents will be buying tadpoles the big patty (or is that big fatty?) model.)

Proud Whopper Rainbow Wrapper

Chick-fil-a can’t begin to imagine the revenue that Burger King takes in annually. The fast food anti-gay war is officially over now. The smaller chains and stand-alone restaurants can complain as loudly possible for naught. It’s money that talks and the side for righteously right rights (and rites, too!) for only those who sheepishly adhere to ridiculous religions is losing the battle big time. Boo-Hoo.

Have a Proud Whopper with your “Homo Fries” and let people know where you stand, ’cause even fast food is on the best side of history-making reality now.

Burger King Rainbow Crown


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