NSFW: Fantasy Figure Dept.: Adam Arises

17 Jul

A New Man by Alex Bronnings A New Man by Alex Bronnings 2


Alex Bronnings has been working on this digital representation of the ideal male figure for quite a while now. He scrapped an earlier version for this “more realistic”, “Adam”. Bronnings felt that the earlier creation was too “alien”. Still, Adam’s body is so beautiful it is outside the reality of most real men. The face, however, unlike in the original model, is so perfectly pretty the figure enters the realm of the impossibly idealized. Frankly, though I find Adam beautiful and handsome, the imperfections of the previous creation (in most respects at about .00001%) made the character more compelling to me.

It will be interesting seeing how the finished Adam shapes up. Perhaps, he’ll look more ruggedly handsome then and leave the world of “pretty boy” perfection behind. It isn’t just clothes or muscle or how hung he is that make the man. Flaws determine character and how a person shapes up. A man isn’t realized until he’s been shaped by the good and the bad.

All this aside, Bronnings creates superb images of fantasy figures. It makes me wish he did manimals, too.


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