RIP Elaine Strich

18 Jul

Truly one-of-a-kind and so much her own person no other Broadway star can really be compared to her. Elaine Stritch’s aura expanded to touch everyone she performed for. Even those in the far back of the balcony. Performing was what she lived for. It was what she was created for. The woman was a living legend until today, but she’ll be a legend forevermore.

I think it is fitting that she will always be linked to this song by Steven Sondheim from the musical, “Company”:

No one could turn world-weary cynicism into an anthem better.

Some people are so much larger than life it is hard to contain them. Their mere presence seems to pull all eyes to them. When Elaine Stritch commanded the stage she was all anyone cared to see. She was the consummate entertainer.

The lights will surely be dimmed on Broadway at the passing of this giant.


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Posted by on July 18, 2014 in RIP


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