Awesome Male Art Dept.: Extravagant Masculinity

24 Jul

In service to manly objectification, Malaysian artist Silverjow creates monumentally muscular hyper-masculine figures that are beyond mere fantasy. The idea that these guys would actually walk around pretending normalcy in starched shirts and ties or tight jeans and tees is like believing angels walk among us. One fellow is so huge his shirt sleeve bursts open. While all of Silverjow’s men possess paws big enough to substitute as baseball mitts. As with the males artist Jacob Mott creates, large watches are present, too. I have yet to figure out the obsession with such a utilitarian device. We can only try to imagine what fills the undies of these perfected men. So far, Silverjow hasn’t ventured into the gayly pornographic. Yet his figures are as graphically male as such cartoon wonders come.


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Posted by on July 24, 2014 in Awesome Art, Male Art, Men, Muscle


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