Insanely Hot Dept.: The Friendly Smile of Seduction

14 Aug

Super Sexy by Michael StokesMr Kilt by Michael Stokes

Photographs by Michael Stokes


You are, without any doubt, completely aware that I post a tremendous amount of images devoted to objectifying gorgeous men. For most of the followers of this blog that is the most important reason for ever viewing the posts. I have lots of different categories to separate the images into, but few earn the distinction of “Insanely Hot”. We all have different ideas of what the ideal man would look like or who we find so attractive they make our heads spin like a hit of good weed or a box of Belgian chocolates or being dazzled by nature’s splendors.

The man above does all that for me. It helps that he is in a kilt, too. I am a direct descendent of William Wallace, the Scots warrior that Mel “Rageaholic Asshat” Gibson portrayed in “Brave Heart”. So anything where the historically much maligned Scots succeed is good in my book. And this bright-eyed, beautiful, dimpled dandy succeeds admirably. He is definitely Insanely Hot!

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