NSFW at all: Serge Henir Bares It All For You

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A Happier Announcement: Welcome Tumblr Superversity

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Best Buddies. Fuck Buddies?

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Best Buddies. Fuck Buddies?

While we wait out the return of the original Superversity here at WordPress, I have founded a visual analog at Tumblr.

Check out a batch of new hot male images here.


The tee couldn't take it.

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Announcement: Sabbatical Now Over In March!

Lovely One

Yes, I am sad to report that, unbeknownst to me, WordPress no longer offers the inexpensive annual upgrade at $20. To get an image storage space upgrade now, bloggers must purchase the $99 annual Premium Upgrade. This is a major disappointment and embarrassment to me. As I have two blogs to upgrade, shelling out $198 for the upgrades is impossible this month. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is what it is and in time (I promise) Superversity will return.

Until that comes to pass, I will be re-blogging items I find online and posting whatever gay male related videos I find that fit Superversity’s mandate.

I apologize to those people who answered my request for funds in December. Unfortunately, the total money received isn’t enough for me to buy the upgrades. However, I will use the funds added to my own cash to upgrade come March. At least that is my plan. This coincides with a forced move happening in my life. I can’t guarantee anything, but I do commit to upgrading this little gay blog ASAP.

My sincere apologies and Happy 2015 despite this little piece o’ pucky.


I candy #17

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Sabbatical Ending In January!


Captain Marvel: Resurrection by Isikol

I am pleased to announce that Superversity will be returning in January!

Yes, this bog will be returning to its original mandate as well. The archives will stay in tact, but there will be no future material that deviates from the site’s original intention: Superheroes and the best in male art and photography.

I’ll be posting substantially less material than I have in the past. (About one post every ten days or so.) However, I will also be making an effort to only feature the best things I can find online pertaining to male superheroes and hot men in general. The former Superversity concerned with political issues, atheism and other non-supers related essays, etc. is a thing of the past.

I apologize to those few who enjoyed that content, but I have neither the time nor the energy to devote to cynicism, criticism, judgment and negative responses to our frequently wacky society and the already over-reported sad state of the  world. That means that most of what will be appearing here will merely be a pleasant gay diversion. The web is filled with very well done sites and blogs devoted to just about anything a reader can imagine. Few people pay attention to this little blog, but those select few will be happily paying attention to masculine pulchritude and the environs were it is welcome come January.

In the past, I have refused to commercialize this site and feature advertisements. WordPress must post advertisements to generate funds to continue offering this service. Because I don’t willing post ads I have always paid the yearly fees for uploading new images and videos out of pocket. I cannot continue doing that, yet I have no desire to turn this site into a billboard beyond those ads WordPress may be choosing to post here.

So, I reluctantly am requesting a few minor contributions ($2-$5 each) to fund the annual $20 cost I incur creating this blog. The fee covers image and video file uploading. Since this blog functions as a repository of visual images, it is essential that I have the ability to upload art, videos and photography in order for it to continue.

If you have found this blog worth your while please consider donating a stipend to keep it running. In fact, the amount I need to have by January is so small it would cover one movie ticket and a small popcorn. Or two mochas. That’s right, it’s a measly $12! (I have already received an $8 donation through my other blog, Centaurica, which will also be returning to activity come January.

Please help me out by sending whatever you are able to make up this $12 deficit. You wouldn’t believe how many hours I have spent collecting the material for this blog (not to mention all the political essays I used to write). Surely the time devoted to keeping this blog viable is worth $20 (or even less in this case) a year .

You can send contributions to my PayPal account, The PayPal service is free (as long as you mark the transaction for “Friends and Family”) and you don’t have to be registered with PayPal to use it. It’s simple and fast.

Thanks for reading Superversity. I am always open to constructive criticism and happy to receive material contributions that meet the standards of the site.

I hope y’all have a great Holidays and here’s to a terrific 2015!


JLA: Flashpoint Paradox by Dave Wilkins


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Major Announcement!: It’s Extended Sabbatical Time!

Enzo's Backside by 67thy

Art by 67thy

Howdy Readers,

Perhaps, you’ve noticed a significant decrease in posts to Superversity lately. Perhaps, you are wondering why that is. Or, most likely, it never even crossed your mind one way or another. (Yes, I recognize this is a truly minor enterprise with not all that many readers, but I do appreciate those who have continued to pay any attention over the years.)

Things have changed for me this year. Very dramatically in a short time and, I am happy and grateful to say, they’ve been on a consistent upward trajectory. I’ve taken responsibility for my health in major and important ways. I work on it every day what with nutrition and exercise and some spiritual work, too. (Yes, atheists have spirits of a sort, too. Well, I for one, definitely do.)

I no longer rely on standard western medicine and, if the folks at Medicaid/Medicare paid any notice whatsoever to my lack of use of pharmaceuticals and how seldom I am seen by a doctor these days, they would surely see a sharp decline in my need of the lackluster service they most frequently have provided. (Though I will not deny that I am extremely grateful even such as service as the one our government provides is in place for the likes of me.) The fact is, I am doing far better treating myself than my highly stressed, overweight and pill-popping professional is. (Granted, his income is many multiples greater than mine but, I believe he might take a reduction in the flow of greenbacks into his bank account to be healthier than he now is, poor fellow.)

Since my major time and energy investments go into Project Greg, I have found little time to devote to what seems like trivial pastimes at this juncture in time. All the things that so willfully occupied my time mere months ago have now fallen rapidly to the wayside. Needless to say, among them are the two WordPress blogs (Superversity and Centaurica) I have endeavored to keep up and running and make somewhat amusing and pertinent these last few years. I have not paid my yearly fees and for the time being won’t be. So Superversity is on sabbatical while I start living a real life. A life that had been on hold until I discovered ways of adequately healing myself rather than depending on a system that in too many respects is a dismal failure, IMHO.

I am dedicated to moving forward with my life now that my energy is up to new and better levels and I have determined I want to actually live for as long as I can. When I was in the throes of illness and frequenting the system, I more than not would have preferred an easy out to my then difficult and unhappy life. The good news I can share with all of you is that those days have, I sincerely hope, become the past forever. I’m not going down that road again if at all possible.

I still have many of the same challenges and concerns I had last year, but my approach to dealing with them is radically different and I know I’ll be doing a lot more with my future than just surviving. These days I can truly say I am thriving.

And I hope the same can be said for the majority of y’all.

Superversity has been a fun project and I am proud of a lot of what was posted here. Even if no one ever commented on anything but how hot some of the men were. That’s life I guess. Just not part of the one I am currently living.

Here’s to the Autumnal Equinox which is transpiring as I write this (7:29 PST). I love Fall. It’s the perfect time to go out and enjoy nature. You should do that, too. It is so much better for the spirit than politics and atheism and gay rights issues and every damn thing I have thought worthy of attending to here. (Yes, I still think men are beautiful and worth admiring. And superheroes will always be a lasting pleasure despite their purveyors penchant for violence, mayhem, war and death. I haven’t become a Tibetan Monk. Yet.)

I didn’t fall down the rabbit hole I went surfing through it!

Good fortune to you all. See you the next time I choose to play in this little playground. Whenever and if that might be.



Splish Splash


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Digimales Dept.: Tributes to Boris Vallejo







Art by Isikol

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Winners 9/3/14

Winners 9/3/14

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