SuperVillain History: Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom

CW’s “The Flash” television series has finally reached the point in development where our hero, Barry Allen, has come up against his arch nemesis, Reverse Flash. Since Reverse Flash is to Flash what Joker is to Batman or Lex Luthor is to Superman (you get the point), the series really needed the heft of a truly vile villain for dramatic purposes and continuing audience attention.

Certainly, not everyone is as interested in the Scarlet Speedster as I am but, if you are watching this series (and I recommend you do), you may well need to know exactly who this bad guy is and where he comes from.

Here is a video presentation of the history of Eobard Thawn AKA Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom (please note: the character’s background is so convoluted your head will be in danger of spinning free from your neck and shoulders just trying to make sense of it.):

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Superhero Animated: Green Arrow

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NSFW at all: Serge Henir Bares It All For You

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click on the link.

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Ear Candy Dept.: The Return of Kate

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In honor of Kate Bush’s first concert series in 35 (!!!!) years, here are two very different videos from the Mistress and Master of Art Pop:



And here a selection of new articles In the Guardian.

How I envy ticket holders to any of these events. I look forward to a wonderful live album probably being released for Christmas 2015.


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Musical Movied: Into The Woods

Into The Woods film poster

Almost three tumultuous decades ago my good friend KennyB, he who frequently comments on the beautiful men posted here, and I went to the world premiere of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s “Into The Woods” at San Diego’s Globe Theater. It was an extraordinary experience being among the first to see this now seminal musical. A musical so embroidered into the fabric of American theater that it has even been performed by students in my local small town high school musical theater department. It’s a standard and has truly stood the test of time and will, no doubt, still be performed hundreds of years from now. (Should the human race manage to survive that long.)

Finally, come Christmas, a wonderful gift will open for all of us lovers of the works of Sondheim, arguably the most brilliant and accomplished of Broadway musical composers. “Into The Woods” (ITW) is a wry look at fairy tales and the affect they have on children. It is staged as a fantasy, but hits upon so many realistic truths that one leaves the theater changed by its thrilling dramatic impact. Everything that makes book musicals one of the greatest inventions of America is presented beautifully, comically, tragically, and poignantly in this now classic musical.

I have long heard that Rob Marshall, the director of another musical gem, Kander and Ebb’s “Chicago”,  was set to direct a film of ITW with Meryl Streep attached. I hoped that it would finally be realized with someone possessing enough insight into the musical’s many merits that everyone would get to see what I have always cherished.

Today, the teaser trailer for the Christmas release of ITW was debuted and I am thrilled to say, from what little I have seen, that any fears I had that this classic would fail to be given its proper due aren’t realized. With a terrific cast that not only includes Ms. Streep as Rapunzel’s Witch, but features Johnny Depp as The Big Bad Wolf who pursues Little Red Riding Hood, Chris Pine as Cinderella’s shallow and self-absorbed prince, Tracey Ullman as Jack’ s (of “and The Beanstalk” fame) harried and addled mother, Christine Baranski as Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and Emily Blunt as the Baker’s Wife, it is hard to imagine this film adaptation failing. However, a word of caution is provided after the bitter memory of the cinematic treatment of “Les Miserable”. Thankfully, for the most part, this cast can sing.

I know where I’m going to be this Christmas.


And here’s a taste of Sondheim’s amazing score:

Into The Woods poster



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What We’re Up Against Dept.: Shooting Fish In A Barrell (Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’ Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original – The Intercept)

What War Crimes by Rodrigo

Cartoon by Rodrigo


What is currently transpiring in the Gaza Strip is unconscionable. Israel, of course, always with the upper hand provided by funding and weaponry from the US, is engaged in a form of protectionist genocide.

This isn’t to say Hamas isn’t guilty of its own sins of aggression. But the escalation of this tragic situation where an eye-for-an-eye retaliation has turned into massive Palestinian body counts is yet a further example of how violent military actions achieve nothing of value in the long run.

So they really believe that killing bystanders will do anything productive other than creating a newer breed of even more vehement enemies? Israel has created a monster that will produce more hardened and determined heads for every one they attempt to cut off or starve out. Continued violation of a proud people will produce the same sort of ends that were achieved by Germany in WWII.

For a long while, as the Israelis have striven to carve out a homeland in an oppressive environment, they have chosen to use similar tactics against the Palestinians that were once used to thwart their own progress. Common sense might prevail if it weren’t for hawkish politicians and military men calling the shots on both sides. Until that time arrives, if ever, people struggling to survive will find themselves burying loved ones.

If Israel ever feared the prospect of Iranian nuclear arms proliferation I would suspect that, after these acts against “terrorist” activities in Gaza, they will find themselves even more afraid. First eyes, later lives.

The whole world watches as the pot boils over.

Hamas Iran connection by Jimmy MarguliesCartoon by Jimmy Margulies


Here is an article that enlightens about the historical context of this madness:

Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’ Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original – The Intercept.






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Inanity and Insanity Dept.: The Master of Song Parody Strikes Again

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