SuperVillain History: Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom

31 Jan

CW’s “The Flash” television series has finally reached the point in development where our hero, Barry Allen, has come up against his arch nemesis, Reverse Flash. Since Reverse Flash is to Flash what Joker is to Batman or Lex Luthor is to Superman (you get the point), the series really needed the heft of a truly vile villain for dramatic purposes and continuing audience attention.

Certainly, not everyone is as interested in the Scarlet Speedster as I am but, if you are watching this series (and I recommend you do), you may well need to know exactly who this bad guy is and where he comes from.

Here is a video presentation of the history of Eobard Thawn AKA Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom (please note: the character’s background is so convoluted your head will be in danger of spinning free from your neck and shoulders just trying to make sense of it.):

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Posted by on January 31, 2015 in Superheroes


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