Superversity Lives @Tumblr!

ThunderCats: Panthro by Robert Atkins

If you are new to this blog and wondering why the posts are so infrequent, it’s because Superversity is now alive and well at Tumblr.

To see more posts then you can shake a disco stick at just go here.

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SuperVillain History: Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom

CW’s “The Flash” television series has finally reached the point in development where our hero, Barry Allen, has come up against his arch nemesis, Reverse Flash. Since Reverse Flash is to Flash what Joker is to Batman or Lex Luthor is to Superman (you get the point), the series really needed the heft of a truly vile villain for dramatic purposes and continuing audience attention.

Certainly, not everyone is as interested in the Scarlet Speedster as I am but, if you are watching this series (and I recommend you do), you may well need to know exactly who this bad guy is and where he comes from.

Here is a video presentation of the history of Eobard Thawn AKA Reverse Flash AKA Professor Zoom (please note: the character’s background is so convoluted your head will be in danger of spinning free from your neck and shoulders just trying to make sense of it.):

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Superhero Animated: Green Arrow

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Superhero Animated: Tales of Metropolis

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Ear Candy Dept.: Hope For The Future

When you’re the richest musician in the history of the planet you can afford videos like this one to promote your tiny song.

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Finally Found

It seems almost ridiculous that I have spent over a decade searching for the identity and work of one artist, but it was true until today when I chanced upon an example of the work that I remembered having seen back in the 70s.

I had asked readers of this blog if they knew of a gay erotic artist who had a very distinct style that featured stunningly handsome and perfectly muscled men. The feature the artist used in most of his work was what looked like the application of a heavy graphite pencil. This makes his main figures stand out from the background as if they are somehow beyond mere reality.

The description failed to spark anyone’s memory and I kept waiting to come across one image by this mystery artist.

The long hunt is finally over and his identity revealed. The artist in question is Cavelo and gay men of a certain age who appreciate ideally represented masculine pulchritude will easily remember the man’s work if not his name.


To read the rest of this post and see a large offering of Cavelo’s work please go here.


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Tumblr Superversity Thrives!

Picture 243

Yes, with an almost insane amount of new image posts (well over 1000 this month alone), Superversity is a far more active blog than ever before.

Please head on over there to see what has happened to this once silent site.

Blond #26

The focus now is on all things pertaining to the super-combo of hot men and superheroes with more soft-core porn art thrown into the mix. Politics and atheism have gone underground and masculine pulchritude has risen to its deservedly exalted topmost position.

So, if you love manly men with muscle and looks to spare, if you love hot superheroes and terrific fantasy art, make it over to the New and Improved Superversity now*. Trust me, Tumblr doesn’t bite (not yet at least, time will tell).

Turner #7

Picture 194

*I corrected the New Improved Superversity link error thanks to alert new-to-this-blog reader RamWolf!


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