NSFW: Legendary Gay Dept.: TOF Commemorative Stamps

Finland is honoring iconic gay artist, Tom of Finland (TOF), with a set of commemorative postage stamps this fall. I can think of many gay artists who deserve to be recognized this way. If only our country were so mature that the US Postal Service would do the same for artists like Keith Haring and Paul Cadmus. They have recognized gay artists before, but very tamely and definitely not in the bold and beautiful manner as these for TOF.

Finnish TOF stamp set

Read about this event here.

So you can see what I mean about tame, here’s the Haring stamp:

Keith Haring

And here is a gorgeous nude by Paul Cadmus that deserves to grace a stamp but, in these unenlightened times, will never do so:

Male Nude by Paul Cadmus


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And Now For Something Completely Different Dept.: Thinking of Traveling, Yankee Dog?

Fuck You Tourist by Nicolas Demeersman


Be mindful of that machete, turista!

The image above is just one from an exhibit, “Fucking Tourist!” by photographer Nicolas Demeersman. You can see the rest here.


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RIP Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney in The Human Comedy trailer


A true legend in just about every field of entertainment and the possessor of probably the longest career in Hollywood history, Mickey Rooney, has passed away at 93 years of age.

Mr. Rooney’s life was a roller coaster ride, but he always managed to keep moving forward like the real trooper he was. He was the last remnant of a bygone era and, for an entire generation of Americans, will always be remembered as the All-American boy, Andy Hardy, the role he created at the height of his popularity many decades ago. So here’s to Mickey Rooney: the one, the only, a true star!

Mickey Rooney


Mickey Rooney at the premier of the first Disney Muppets movie.Premiere+Walt+Disney+Pictures+fuJGJ8VoBytl

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Face Man 4/6/14

Face Man 4/6/14


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Doggone It! 4/6/16

Doggone It! 4/6/14

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Man Candy Dept.: A Baker’s Dozen of Beautiful Men

beautiful men


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Progress Dept.: Honey Maid It!

Honey Maid Graham Crackers

My association with Honey Maid Graham Crackers goes back to my earliest childhood memories almost sixty years ago. I will always remember how I loved to break a wax paper-wrapped package of the crackers up in bowl and cover them with milk. I know that cultural habit was where the idea for graham cracker cereals came from. Though none of them ever tasted as good as the original concoction.

Unfortunately, this sort of product isn’t in my regimen these days, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating these wonderful advertisements that prove even a major corporation like Kraft’s Nabisco is able to recognize the importance of accepting gays into the mainstream. What is most amazing is how the company chose to turn the bigoted response to an earlier gay-inclusive commercial back on the bigots themselves. The times aren’t just changing, they have changed. This is a real sign of the progress the gay rights movement has made and how there will be no turning back to the destructive way it was no matter how One Million Moms and the American Family Association drag their bigoted heels and scream that we are all doomed. Here’s proof to defeat that ugly and divisive lie:

graham bears


Besides, any company that uses bears as a symbol can’t be all bad.

Here’s to Honey Maid Graham Crackers, long may you graham!

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